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you shouldn’t own an online store.

read our story below.

Online stores are very costly to manage, especially for new businesses.

It is easier to setup an online store in online marketplaces.


However, with the right strategy, existing businesses can greatly benefit from having their own online store.


Here are 3 reasons how having your own online store can improve your business.




The most trustworthy, big name brands all have an online store.

Having an online store will put you on the same level with those brands, in the mind of customers.


Today, softwares can ‘talk’ to each other.


If you use other software to run your business, you can sync your online store with those software. Automation will save a lot of money in the long run, you can run your business with less people.



DATA collection

Online stores will help you collect data that you can’t collect anywhere else.


You can track website visitor’s data: which page is the most popular, which cities most of the visitors are from, which products are most viewed, and many other things.


Data can be highly valuable: if you know most of your visitors come from Singapore, you can then advertise your business specifically to Singaporeans.



Our Specialties

get a website for your business

why duku studio

AGENCY quality

Marketing agencies that handle million dollar projects trust us to build websites for their high profile clients.


Our team has built hundreds of websites over the past 10 years. We know how to do things you requested, and how to do it better. We know What works and what doesn't.

30 days guarantee

We provides 30 days guarantee that your website will work like it is supposed to do. If there is any problem, we will fix it. You can also hire us to maintain your website regularly.

our websites comes with these:


Look good on computer, tablet, or phone! All of our websites will automatically adjust according to the device used, no need for a separate mobile website.



We have HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAILS. We consider color schemes, typography, and readibility when designing your website. You are reading this text easily, right? We pick these fonts for that.

social media integration

Follow buttons, display instagram feeds, and other integrations with your social media accounts are available.


We understand that you use internet-based tools to run your business: email, google docs, online software, etc. Do you know that you can link them to your website and automate a lot of things? 

Animations & transitions

Cool animations, similar to those in Apple's website, because we love details. We use latest tech and web development practice.


Content management

You can add, edit, or manage your pages on your own easily. We will teach you how to do that.





get a website for your business