Titik koma coffee

Project Description

Titik Koma Coffee is a specialty coffee brewers based in Surabaya. They serve curated selections of imported coffee with reasonable price and they have seasonal exotic coffee ranging with price reaching up to $20 per cup.

Their branding strategy emphasise three key points: simplicity, luxury, and fun. These three points reverberate in everything about them: their menu, interior design, graphic designs, social media.

DukuStudio decided to craft a minimalist, sleek but sophisticated website for Titik Koma Coffee.

Project Details

Client Titik Koma Coffee
Date 15 August 2017


Bigger images are used to draw attention to more important parts of the website, such as the menu.

Essential informations like business hours and location are emphasized with correlating images and are put in multiple locations in the website: footer, homepage, and other pages.


Titik Koma Coffee change their selection of coffee beans quite often, it is crucial that their customers can easily check what’s brewing in store today.

We put this information in a form of Slider and put it on the top of the website.

look good on mobile

The mobile layout is designed with readability in mind. Every element of the desktop layout is there, fonts and margins are adjusted so visitors can read information quickly and easily .

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